Monday, September 14, 2009

$2 or two dollars!

I wasn't paying enough attention to really know how it all went down. Downhill so fast and so far that is. Maybe it was craigslist itself- or was it free email accounts or... (that's punctuation for a drumroll) BLOGS! seems like giving everybody access to a keyboard and a potential audience made writing for the internet some sort of a generic equivalent. Just like so many other aspects of our society the gap has grown- the limited options are to give your heart and soul and precious time either writing for pennies or less or you can make any random amount of money working as a freelancer producing you name it.

what really gets me are the we will pay you $2 to create a blog entry or write an online article. maybe i am just not the writer these folks who can do this and get paid are. i suspect it's the opposite. i want to take them and shake them- i really have nothing against the folks who will pay them because they can get away with it. there is no reason anyone should accept that-they are ruining it for those of us with some integrity.

it doesn't matter what i write- whether it's a love letter, text message, screenplay, short story or Tweet- it has to be thoughtful, relevant and appropriate. i can't just squeeze those out of nowhere. i wonder, do web or graphic designers and photographers have the same issues? is this what the digital age is doing? i know film is suffering the same.

dumbing down for dollars. for shame.