Thursday, November 5, 2009


real, true, genuine friends are there to be the eyes that see what you can't see. not unlike trying to plug your ear with your elbow, you can get close, but you don't ever really see yourself. even more than to see, a real friend is the one who articulates you to you and you walk away hand in hand anyway. friends aren't all about laughs or even fun. in fact it's my closest friends that share my worst memories. it's the sharing while you're traversing those pothole pocked roads and either crying, laughing or finally breathing once it's all shrinking away in the distance in the rear view mirror. those are the folks you want in your corner, the ones you keep safe in your heart.

i'm super lucky and extra grateful because though i do a lot for my friends, maybe sometimes too much-- they are not afraid to say, yo! darlin' you are kickin' it up past 11 again and while I LOVE LOVE LOVE you, it's a lot, can we turn the magnificent dial down a bit? and wow, how many of us are lucky enough to know how it feels to get checked? what i'm talking about goes a few marks beyond tough love, we're talking tossed back straight and tall, no salt or lime training wheels- and maybe even some bad attitude or a headache to keep the memory alive past the initial burn. these are brave people i tell you- i pride myself on going above and beyond as the rule- i am a stellar friend of the first order, real blue ribbon, not counting the exceptions to my rule of course... and those of you with court-side season tickets, well the action can get a bit overwhelming, chaotic and more flavorful than gumbo the day after.

it's all good. i get it. trust me, i've been headliner, roadie and manager for a long time. it's a lot, no doubt about it- but then again, we can't all be supercharged all the time-- and damn, that's the price you pay for priceless. yay i say, yay- and i promise to keep adjusting the gauges as needed- don't want to blow my speakers or my fanbase for that matter.