Monday, September 15, 2008

Weeds Made Me Cry

in the middle of an epsisode, which one is not important- suffice it to say that i am just turned on it, disc one of season 1-- i was impressed by how understated and assumed Nancy's (Mary Louise Parker) strength is-- and by the end i am floored by the love she is also recovering from. jesus chrysler.

these scripts are rich. who is writing this stuff? i want in. i a critical of how the stereotypes play out. my vision is more based from real life where the stereotypes are plinked on their asses to reveal the absurdity of what we accept in our everyday. where you can get into the humanity that is driven by, spiced with and curved or angled by your skin and everybody enjoys a different shade of green- all kinds of green if its real!

funny how in writing i am more inclined to short stories but then there is the television series over really writing the screenplay. mental note to look into the differences.

***discussion continued months later into season 3...

this is one example where the clever factor faded and the running with stereotypes of all kinds like a cheap kite on a windy day came to rule the day. in the end they were apt and stretched out in to an acceptable conformity but meanwhile where was the freshness and blunt edginess that we all got so hooked on? why so heavy handed with the marijuana IS a DRUG message. you could- and they do for a minbute even, have heroin step in as the stunt double for weed. when in fact i don't know so many folks who these substances are interchangeable- i have never been one to swap out junk for smoke. but there i go kissing and telling again...growing and dealing weed really, this double top secret violent underworld is the exception and not the compassion crowd rule. i do knwo htis much- only becauce my lawyer helped write them.

i do remain struck consistently by Nancy's resolve throughout the series. it fucks her kids up, she is a woman and a business person who keeps on growing-- also a source of disappointment for me as other characters who could have more sophisticated motivation that is offered would offer more on the whole if Nancy wasn't slotted as the female character given the majority of the dynamic emotions and thought processes. too bad most of us probably stop at what a break it is to see a woman be the lead in a show and super duper she is a single mom and she is slinging weed in the burbs! well it it's cool as point of deaprture goes, it's where you take her that makes her, and us love you more or less.

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