Thursday, December 31, 2009

full blue eclipse

looking forward. surrendering all of the bags full of crap from the past 3+ decades at the border and moving forward beyond the gate into the magic of a full blue eclipsing moon.

Put the power of change to good use- promising to remember everyday to actively value myself to the ultimate benefit of the world around me. Those who know can testify and those who don't yet must trust, that coming from me this is not some self-serving trickle down scheme but a take care of myself in order to be of more quality service.

It seems as I review old journal entries and find affirmation and inspiration through information that two notions insist with persistence: remembering and resisting.

If only i could remember on a daily basis that exercise and economy rock, always and all ways. Tools that rule fool! By exerting my body and control over the myriad other resources I have, duh, living life at maximum capacity can be sustainable and full. Money would flow or at least not seem to vaporize to the dark side. By imposing the same rigor on my emotions- WARNING to those unaware, when I am not busy fighting crimes against the fairer sex, there is a wily girl at the wheel with 'woe is me' blasting through crackling speakers!~ but I digress...~ the tick-tock of time and accumulation of funky long face footage filling the mighty memory banks of my mind, well it's just not really the best use of space.

I pledge to give myself what I need and plenty of it. Remember that life tends toward- INSERT DEEP REAFFIRMING THOUGHT HERE BECAUSE TRY AS I MIGHT I CAN'T FIND MINE.

rather than risk resisting some good old fashioned editing- I will close here with a pledge to work on building a stronger core and to engage in more of the hard work, to be the best mom and me known. Loving myself is a daily activity not something I can put on layaway. Here's to love.

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