Sunday, March 21, 2010

butt glue with all my heart

The rules are there for a reason.  Once you get over the feeling of being confined by these rules , you'll be amazed at how freeing they are. True originality cannot begin until you know what you are breaking away from. - Blake Snyder

I'm sure I am not alone when I confess to being a distracted development junkie. It's the safe place that feels productive. It's getting to know people before you commit to them. or even getting to know them so that you can love them and leave them without putting your own heart on the block. But this is writing i'm talking about. Not short stories or a novel (yes, there is a composition book stacked somewhere with the seeds of one or three of those between the covers) where you not only start them but you carve them out of the tallest trees and make them walk like your very own family of Pinocchios. I don't pretend to be some sort of prolific wordsmith Danielle Steele with billions of published words to my credit but I have written lots whether anybody has read it or not is a different story (hardee har har couldn't resist- after all I am procrastinating here).

I am bouncing around between at least 3 or 4 great ideas: a TV show and 4 screenplays (1 action, 1 dark comedy, 1 dark rom-com and another deep dark-type). So here I am trying to decide which will get my attention. I've done the most on the TV show, but the action is really moving along pretty well too.

Time to flip a coin. I have strong nods of enthusiastic approval on the proposals I've submitted- waiting for them to SHOW ME THE MONEY! Until then it's clean up and catch up time before I get absorbed in work (yay! I do love what I do, when I can do it- there is nothing like bringing ideas to life, no wonder i'm a good mom- it's kinda the same thing) so i need to get my writing schedule, make my commitments before life makes them for me. Life will always insist, but the writing always does too. The magic is in surrendering to the moments with all my heart- like a fabulous romance- sometimes the most true love lasts under 100 hours...

i know what i'm gonna work ciao for now, my lover calls...he is in prison. i'm learning he's a good guy, i just hope we have time before it's too late...

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