Monday, March 8, 2010

my first time

of course i will still write a novel or 9 and some short stories, every few months or so...blogging is to writing as a walk is to working out- i do it all the time, physical engagement and exertion but with drastically different expectations and results.

so i have no business blogging right now- I am on limited time at the WGA Foundation library- in the Billy Wilder reading room. I have copies of the pilot scripts for CALIFORNICATION and 30 ROCK in my hands. Feels like home.

Part of me smirks at the thought of sharing this- it's like gossiping with an infinite amount of friends and strangers about my 'first time'. though this is kind of cooler, with the exception that it took me so damned long to get here, and only a limited number of folks will understand the rush, the ooooh that's nice, yeah- don't stop feeling of being here.

of course that feeling may very well wear off sooner than later and this building will become a work space, a place where i file paperwork or give talks or who knows what- just another reference building- just like Alec Baldwin said in John Hughes classic SHE'S HAVING A BABY, " You'll be happy- you just won't know it." i hope i do. i think i will. doesn't matter. i'm here.

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