Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Women Walk Into a Frame...

do they have names? do they talk about something other than a man? if they do, do you care anymore? would you be more intrigued if they were raped or their only driving force was / is elevating the 'hero'? are you dismissing me as a ranting feminist who should be LALALALALALALALLA tuned out?


i read this article and the comments- it really spoke not only to why I think that me putting anything remotely intelligent or entertaining on the screen, or at least helping it get there is crucial, but it made me kinda mad.


This is not about being feminist, at least not to me, as if that is such a bad thing anyway? Rather it's about why didn't you save a seat for me? Why do I have to be second class or chattel or only as important and valuable as your whims, wants or willie deem me to be? I will go out on a limb here and say it's not so far from how not white folks feel and have felt for ages. The real kicker is that women still sit in the back of the pimp bus. great.

But i'm not whining! I'm writing, raising money and changing things. So NOW!

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