Thursday, November 18, 2010

40 Crazy Ass Things-

At the 40 day count down to 40 years old, once suggestion was "do 40 crazy ass things".  Immediately I thought that my 40 crazy ass things at 40 years old would likely surprise some, though not those who know me...

I will start here...
#1- I am so EXCITED and have been looking forward to turning 40 years old for a while. I am a real believer in trying things on- giving the experience a go- my 20's and 30's were chock full of learning. Lots of lessons I have no interest in revisiting let alone repeating. I am always puzzled when people dismiss the turn of a decade and favor looking back and even returning to some folly filled youth- yes the FUN is all caps in my mind, but dang I just don't want to do all that again. Like Yates said- "Youth is wasted on the young." I want to get my WISE on! and I think that 40 is exactly the sweet spot- old enough to know and young enough to approach and execute with skill.

#2- I've spent so much of my life holding the 'high' as a standard, and too often settling for some incomparable low as a challenge to be overcome- I'm grooming an awareness and appreciation for the view from the ground. Digging on the sensation of life locomotion from a well situated center of gravity, albeit the '60's styling and handling of a '67 427 Ford Shelby Cobra, but even a machine of that magnitude (or even a Sunbeam Tiger...) has a specific relationship with the ground and can only move as fast as its flow.
#3- Starting where I am. I am generally some combination of distracted (see previous blog post) and excited, enthusiastic and effusive- like the new 7UP ads "ridiculously bubbly"- - effervescence with a bite. I'm embracing the sprint- using it to my advantage as much as possible. Keeping to what's in front of me, anchoring on it and building from those moments in rather than bemoaning the spin off my rocker- #2 is helping a lot.

#4 I'm not just listening, I am hearing- without the excitable violins playing and the missing my cues because of the weight of the chip on my shoulder or the shadow cast by an rotten egg past. Hearing me, hearing you and soaking it up and

#5 giving it a space to pass through and wringing it out and writing about it- more than running my mouth and spewing the stories my heart is all pitter pat to write. because I also freaked out that maybe i have a finite amount of words and the last place they will shine is on Facebook, Twitter or me running my mouth.

that's all for now, more later- attention span got the best of me... maybe i'll crack a 40 and laugh...

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