Wednesday, November 3, 2010

curiouser and curiouser

Creative curiosity conundrum of Kriz number 947,252,3845,957.

Unmatched curiosity and like a 7 Up! ridiculously bubbly thinking excitement about being creative and digging into all the myriad minutiae (oh wow I spelled that right the first time!) and making things happen. Building stuff out of ideas and images and sounds and conversations and bringing people and concepts and art and moments together and OH! LOOK! It's a monkey on a goat!

So this is a pretty rad way to be. BUT where the good golly am I going to find/make/create/allot/organize/sort/determine/unleash/discover/schedule/organize/focus the time to experience/enjoy/execute without diluting or tempting the fate as a dilettante. 

the writing of this blog entry also behind the scenes included 2 anecdotes, three texts, 1 voice mail, two nutrition negligible snacks and tucking a magic 5 year old back into bed.

Easily distracted with far too little interest in the mundane maintenance required to run shit.

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