Saturday, November 1, 2008

Danny & Sandy 30 years later = Zak & Miri Make a Porno

i loved it. two thumbs and both feet way up leaning back laughing from deep in my soul. that was some funny shit. irreverent, clever, challenging stereo-types instead of reinforcing or stretching them beyond the nth degree (don't get me wrong that shit is funny too- i'll embrace it another time).
i enjoyed it. a lot. it really captured the mood and was not apologetic about sex, any kind of sex or the industry and they avoided judgment. they were absolutely politically incorrect without being offensive. is the key in really authoring an authentic experience by refusing to be even one hair less than the real mccoy and not taking your self too seriously.

all of us have some piece that is laughable. they seemed to grab a bit of each of ours- couples, old friends, the sexual parts of us that we all have so why is it such a big deal? i was impressed with the humble, we're just not really sexy vibe that managed to remove the sting of taboo that is often an unintended residue in sex scenes. in another way it was Kevin Smith's way of taking a really hot topic, not trashing it or making it a bigger deal than it needs to be. add just enough absurdity and you've got funny shit that everybody can relate to.

that said, i am not convinced that Elizabeth Banks is not tipping the scale of gorgeous woman way out of the usual league of Seth Rogen's flannel wearing, frizzy red beard donning, dumpy fat guy. It does serve the storied end of the lumpen guy getting his dream girl. you don't get to know much about her except that he is not holding up his end of hte bargain. why does he get as an actor and a male - why is it okay for him to not be so good looking? or why didn't she fart or do some other not so fantastic gorgeous woman thing? during her one sex scene she just goes where no man has taken her before- which is fine but i don't any sex that was as pretty as their first time and in public and on camera. at best we see her on the toilet a few times or she is emotionally unavailable and doesn't communicate her real feelings. it's not unlike GREASE from 30 years ago (that's a whole other post!) that she is reserved for the traditional spots - he breaks the mold with his actionsin the end, but damn it really gives us women who are not making decisions based on the rule book tucked in our pocketbooks.

that is the obvious derision to pursue though- i digress- my true intrigue lies in the reaction from a solo fellow on the staircase at the theatre. for context Dashiell- my giant-tall son-friend and i were whooping and hollering throughout the film. we were not disappointed with the credits and i want the soundtrack. the dude on the stairs asked us what we thought of it-- we immediately accepted the role of converts evangelizing -- turns out this guy walked out of it. he was with his girlfriend. he didn't seem to have much to say about why he walked out but his curiosity about our experience led me to believe that the reason he walked out was his girlfriend's choice. how sad that there isn't much conversation or that there remains intact such a gross need for the conversation. the discussion about sex.

let's be clear, this is not thinly veiled plug for women who love porn- i am not an avid consumer card carrying member- that's not the point. i am all about taking it a step back from there to dispell the notion that being hung up is necessary or-- and how we can all get off, in peace.

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