Monday, November 3, 2008

rock the hope- get out and vote

I really wanted this to be more than a voter guide but i have a novel to write not to mention 2 pressing freelance assignments. so here you go and i promise to blog on the actual vote, race, election tomorrow!

yes on 1A- high speed rail SF to LA

yes on 2 - animal cruelty

no on 3 - children's hospital bond- proposed by special interest hospital groups- money only goes to construction, not health care.

no on 4- parental notification
yes on 5- prison reform - rehab & treatment fornon-violent crimes
no on 6- fear mongering for more prisons
no on 7- good ads but bad bill- too many ways to get out of actually providing the renewal energy. or not? need to do more research
no on 8- duh. it's not your business unless you are trying to get married. even then it's not your business who anybody else marries.
no on 9- more prisons is not the answer
no on 10- not clean technology- diverts resources & attention from real clean and renewable sources
no on 11- redistricting that is too funky to be able to support
yes on 12- there are better ways to support the vets but support this since it is the only game on the ballot

NO on 8- why? it seems to me that gay marriage is a way of conforming to the status quo- but more to the point- it ain't yer damned business! it has no effect on anyone except those getting married. as an ordained reverend i hope to be able to marry lots of people of all persuasions. the bottom line for me is that i do not want anybody to tell me what or how i should be doing things as long as they are not hurting anybody against their will. WORD.

yes on 87- tax on big oil to support alternative energy research and usage incentives

yes on 86- health care paid by tobacco tax

no on 85- parental notification re: abortion

yes on 10 - energy future

no on 90- landowners reimbursed for lost opportunities despite laws or other negative impacts of development

yes on 89- campaign finance reform

***Obama is hopeful so we need to stay involved after November 4***

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