Saturday, August 22, 2009

15 Films

15 Films in 15 minutes- must preface with how inadequate this list will be by virtue of the 15 limit.

1. A Bout Souffle (Breathless- Jean Luc Godard)
2. Grease
3. Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons
4. Titus
5. The Big Lebowski
6. Good Fellas
7. Love With a Perfect Stranger
8. Cronaca di Amore (Antonioni's first film)
9. Arabian Knights (Pasolini)
10. Sherribaby
11. True Romance
12. Love Story
13. Wild Strawberries (Bergman)
14. Exterminating Angel (Bunuel)
15. Abre los Ojos (NOT Vanilla Sky)

My next post will be all about the why and the films that come up that didn't make this first 15...

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