Wednesday, August 19, 2009

having it all

wow. it was such a secret low hushed whisper that i couldn't be sure that it even registered with the universe, let alone to manifest let alone to come to my as a rule easily distracted attention. but it has. all of it.

that's right- and perhaps they will even read this as they google me when i make the cut of folks they consider for the position- there is a job opening at one of my top companies to work for- BENEFIT COSMETICS. not that i am some random make-up or retail maven- no that's not it- better than that, find what works, why and love it. i know about the competition, i know why they have caught me and kept me. from the product and packaging to the marketing and advertising- why their approach to branding and presentation has put them at the forefront of their market- with almost everybody else either following the lead or stepping as far away as possible in order to catch whatever audience is left over.

the line between relevance and irreverence, written with eyeliner and underlined with glitter! why am i all about it? is it because they present their face cream with copy like DEAR JOHN, I'VE MOVED ON AND THIS CREAM HAS DONE MORE FOR ME DAY AND NIGHT THAN YOU EVER DID! oh hells yes, it starts there with such an irresistible hook, certainly. BENEFIT- even the name is something so simple and just shy of obvious- make-up isn't magic and it shouldn't make false promises either. or worse than false promises, me as a savvy consumer (okay, so i'm a professional- as a writer that is) I am turned off by any product that offers something unattainable, as in a personality, lifestyle or look that is as MC Hammer would say- CAN'T TOUCH THIS. I am not 6 feet tall, i am not going to look like a supermodel, movie star or anybody in the periphery / proximity- nor do I want to! How many of you would laugh at me if i did my eyes to look like Iman or Angelina Jolie? no chance of me emerging from my inadequate residential lighting even close to camera ready- especially the point and shoot digital variety. Enter BENEFIT. They offer options- just like you do with the products themselves- it's all about the blend that's right for you- and rather than some fantasy personality- they provide a guide- a persona- camp- vamp -tramp! if you aren't peeking into one of these windows, shopping for something you can actually wear out in your life, then no it isn't for you. but i tell you- what it is- it's real. it's clever and it's fun. what else should make-up you actually wear be?

wish me luck. getting this job- would be a good old fashioned move, chances are i will be there for a long long time- like Darren on Bewitched!

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