Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trying to get Preparation and Opportunity together

It is not an equitable world when it comes to talent and the dispensation of luck. - Amy Tan

I have been more than lucky. I am pushing forward up up and away from my comfort zone and the encouraging embrace of my inner circle in order to do justice to the luck I have been blessed by. I hope I am working hard enough. I have some pretty good connections. I have some talent (or so I have been told and encouraged by folks who love me yes, know what they are talking about, yes, blow sunshine- not so much!) not to mention the most important pieces - passion, creativity and drive. I can feel the dreams realized in my bones- there is not a breath i take that doesn't have some frame of a dream flavoring it. 

I dream of the creativity that rumbles in my belly and spins whirling dervish style in my brain exploding onto 16mm celluloid (it's where I started in film and how Kathryn Bigelow shot THE HURT LOCKER, which makes me love her more) and bound pages and screens both theatrical and home. I dream of Independent Spirit Awards and bios that are a full page of world improving, life affirming accomplishments and only a gratuitous sentence or two about me personally.

but i digress. I want to work hard enough to sweat it out into reality. for all the nights my dreams will keep me away from putting my dearest darling daughter to bed singing the ABC's and Twinkle, Twinkle- I want them to be worth it- to give her an example of discipline not drama, passion not pettiness, courage not cattiness and dreams advanced, not deferred.  

Back to the day's creative goals.

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