Sunday, October 25, 2009

bounce into balance

slacklining today. total body workout engaging everything i can think of, from the deepest cerebral crevices inside my head down to my in dire need of a pedicure rough and tumble toes. seems like you're jumping up and falling down on a rope. it's more. breaking a sweat- i don't sweat for the record, before an half hour was closed. wrapped up the super fun simple informative class with an inspirational DVD introducing Libby Saulter the first woman to cross a Yosemite slack line almost 3K' above the valley. I so want to do that before I turn 40. Slackline and trapeze- that's how i need to be. i loved it when i first did it in my ratty little Rheem backyard- now i get it. haha.

tonight though i just need to go to sleep. so much to do in a week. excited to be able to get better and better so closet to home- it's such a great way to work out and have some crazy Peter Pan fun balancing on a rope. it's all about muscle memory- i love the idea of developing new and powerful memories with my muscles at this age. Bridges Rock Climbing gym in E Cerrito- a sauna, slacklines, bouldering and rock climbing plus cardio and gym equipment.

The missing piece was pumping up the volume with my Private Coach software- I can't trust the Wii to set up my workout and nutrition program- finally i can keep track of what i'm doing inside and out. yay.

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