Tuesday, October 13, 2009

words. word.

today is brought to you by be careful what you ask for. way too much to write. about that. not sure where to start or what to stick to, or am I? there is the should list. obvious to the most casual observer that any revenue generating assignments (not this to be sure) are at the top of the list. these are the pieces that will help lower the blood pressure and contribute to the sustainability of daily life for my daughter and I as well as the writing career itself. but wait- there's more! let's talk about the distinctions that qualify immediately revenue generating vs. shorter term vs. long term vs. aspirational. of course i just want to write this right now. anything to help me clear some of the what, huhn'?

the good news is that there are immediately revenue generating items on the list! that is as soon as i create and submit a proposal to the wonderful folks at Digital Environment (www.private-coach.com) I will be hard at work. in fact if you could see the other windows open on my happy apple computer right now you would see that i am not just futzing around playing remote cafe worker but i am diligently stringing together words for submission to existing and potential clients alike. all the while sucking down as much caffeinated goodness as my system will allow.

anybody reading this need any writing work done? certainly my busy busy busy update here should not be taken as a wow she doesn't have time to be creative or innovative for me and my fabulous idea- rather know that there is enough of my fabulous brain to go around.


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