Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scary Movie Masochist

what's up with the scary movie thing with folks who live in the hood? It's scary here. It's aggressive. I am looking forward to when I don't live in the Bay Area, when we live in a place that isn't scary. From Richmond to Oakland to San Francisco, to Berkeley and New York to New Orleans, I have always lived somewhere rough.

It's fun seeing scary movies with me. I get SUPER scared and scream in a high pitched shriek - Phantasm really and truly scares me in my soul fibers. It's not just sheer volume but authentic fear in my voice. the ridiculousness of it or maybe discomfort of someone else so openly afraid, at a movie. Often everyone there laughs out loud, as loud as I screamed.

The story goes that I stay freaked out the evening stretch after the movie is long dark and done. To watch them at home can be an even stronger unsettling of the mood. Shaken by the high adrenaline pumping throughout the movie- this mind you compounded by the fact that I am watching it in the hood. duh. just doesn't seem like an awful lot of fun when I am defensive as a baseline, let alone to try and make it happen on purpose extra?

I remember this feeling the first time at Easter when I saw the man-bunny in a suit ala Harvey meets Hef on the cover of my dad's Playboy. White Bunny- freaked me out, the next thing you know it's the twins in The Shining and the head in Donnie Darko. Shake me to my core. I am such an adrenaline junkie that I do it sometimes maybe for variety, keep it an option.

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