Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lent- ha! hanging up on my habits...

yes i am stepping away from Facebook and Twitter until Easter Monday. I have way too many obligations and campaigns and irons in the fire and different directions that i want to pursue. Simply cannot afford the distraction right now.

I am a recovering Catholic so the lent thing is really borrowing from the brilliance of the church- i mean hey- everybody, organized religious beliefs included, have a few good ideas, right? this is simply good timing on the calendar, today being MARDI GRAS and all.

it just seems like a great idea to focus my keyboard time on writing (i am going to be contributing to Silicon Valley Moms blog- details in another post! if you love me- you will take the extra step off of Facebook and actually subscribe to the blog- delete if you want but subscribe please!)

I am planning a visit to LA the weekend of March 5. Please Facebook Inbox or email your phone and email info so we can connect.

Looking forward- super excited for an Easter rebirth that includes extra fabulous high octane creativity.

yay! and away we go!

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Kailyn said...

I will miss your quotes and song lyrics.