Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lenten Update - argh

It's not easy resisting the social networking. In fact for work I can't give it up altogether. As soon as I decided to reroute my attention flow, wouldn't you know it- one of my favorite people, a mentor and prominent, accomplished, inspiring writer (you can guess but said person shall remain nameless, cuz that's how i roll here) reaches out and asks for my expertise and input on social networking. "Ha", says the universe! You will not be totally unplugging after all!

So I have in fact answered some emails, updated some fan pages ( ) and started the Foursquare! ball rolling. I have also had some issues getting my blogs - It's Wonderful Being a Girl or SV Moms to feed to twitter and Facebook. I have even been rerouted by the evil Facebook demons to my FB home page where I have encountered things not just garden-variety distracting but down right annoying. Simply stated- I am staying as strong as I can in my pledge to not surrender energy and time to the Facecrack time suck- but between you and me- I think the damn thing has what I have called for years "A Little Guy" in there that knows exactly what will derail me. Is this an algorithmic coincidence? Am I just weak or my ADD more deeply hard wired than I thought?

I will continue to do my best to do my duty to my deadlines and my spirit- and grow some muscles for resisting in the process. Meanwhile I do walk around and experience a fabulous and full life that is often punctuated by things that would be a good tweet or a status update- argh- and i resist or I blog. With so much writing, packing, Momming and networking to do- who has time for the rarely satisfying Facecrack? I don't.

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