Monday, February 15, 2010

Musical Masochism - Redux Deductions

Making every effort to focus. To exude diligence and knock out the to-do's lingering on a list crazy old, begging for retirement. But here I am massaging my distracted day with songs...blogging in earnest to uncover any possible themes lying in the shuffle?

Adele~ Melt My Heart to Stone
Jackie Wilson- Lonely Teardrops
MC Hammer - Can't Touch This

THIS JUST IN! Listening to Pandora BEE GEES RADIO, switched to this after an afternoon of OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN RADIO...
Hard Habit to Break - Chicago
i think i need to stop listening to these songs. Suspect this whole genre is partially to blame for a generation of over indulgent, self-absorbed, substance abusing whiners...

from HIGH FIDELITY "did I listen to pop music because i was miserable or was i miserable because i listened to pop music?

As a kid my mom cut me off when i insisted on crying to FEELINGS and almost every BEE GEES song.. FANNY or TO LOVE SOMEBODY or HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE or Barry Manilow MANDY...OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN, Hopelessly Devoted... ANNE MURRAY, You Needed Me... the list goes on. it's almost as if 70's pop music drippy ballads were some sort of prescient telling of my (perpetually unrequited) love life. or have they served as a blue print? one that i should tear (nice double entendre there, 'eh?!) up by changing the channel? But what would be better? When I make the switch over to the musician / entertainer / ultimate sex crooner of my time - (you have to ask? Prince!) and my heart gets toyed with again when somebody throws ADORE at you in a (transient) moment of passion.

No worries, the theme song with staying power is Prince all day long... (THERE'LL NEVER B) ANOTHER LIKE ME. yay.

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